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Krav Maga Fighter Shop About Krav Maga UK Shop

Krav Maga Fighter Shop was established in 2010. Serving Krav Maga instructors and practitioners all over the world by providing them with top quality Krav Maga training gear, equipment and clothing.

Here's why you need to have our equipment :

- It's Combat Tested by one of the biggest Krav Maga School in the UK (click here)

- We guarantee your satisfaction but we offer returns too, just in case 

- Our products are delivered quickly and we keep everything in stock in our UK warehouse

- We offer discounts up to 40% for school and are happy to give you tailor made products

We're always looking for Krav Maga Fighter Shop partners to OPEN more branches across the world. If you're thinking about being an official representative of Krav Maga Fighter Shop in your country please, CONTACT US

About Krav Fighter Shop UK