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Krav Maga High Quality and tested protection gear. Best available on the market in competetive price.

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  • Groin Guards

    Krav Maga Groin Guards - essention piece of kit for Krav Maga Training. Krav Maga UK Shop for students, instructors and school owners.

  • Shin Pads

    Krav Maga Shin Pads designed for ultimate protection of your legs during krav maga techniques and sparring session. An absolute must have for every krav maga practitioner. Get your pais of shin guards from our online krav maga store.

  • Forearm Protectors

    Krav Maga Forearm Protectors designed for comfortable krav maga blocking techniques and knife defences. Keep your hands bruises free and train safe.


    Krav Maga Chest Protection as used in Israeli Army. Designed to allow krav maga practitioner FULL CONTACT fight, determination drills and real life scenarios. Gives ultimate body protection which allows sparring with full power with use of our Time To Fight boxing gloves. A must have for every serious krav maga practitioner and instructor.  

  • Head Guards

    Krav Maga Head Guards we sell are specifically designed for krav maga training. We offer only head guards with full metal mask providing great protection for the face and very good visibility. All the headboards have very good padding to absorb the impact.

  • Gum Shield

    Krav Maga Gum Shields / Mouth Guards is designed to protect your teeth during krav maga techniques and sparring. Do you trust your partner enough?

  • Knee and Elbow

    Knee and Elbow Pads Protectors and Support will provide you with a protection to your knees and elbows during krav maga training.

Showing 1 - 11 of 11 items
Showing 1 - 11 of 11 items